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Celebrities with Granny trollies
We might have mentioned, once or twice, that we think our Granny trollies are super cool. But don’t just take our word for it. There’s a whole host of famous faces pounding the pavements with a Rad Union in tow. Here’s just a few who have shared the love. Chef,... Read more
Where to buy a Granny trolley: Corner House Interiors
New stockist alert! We’re chuffed to announce that Corner House Interiors in Ilkley, West Yorkshire has joined Team Trolley. A treasure trove of antiques, gifts, occasional furniture and all things gloriously random, Corner House now stocks both versions of our bestselling, Rambo trolley. Owner, Melanie has a background in design,... Read more
Where to buy a cool Granny trolley
Ready to ditch carrier bags? Turn heads? Make the high street your catwalk? You’ve come to the right place. Rad Union has the Granny trolley for you. But, if online shopping isn’t your bag (pardon the pun) then don’t worry. We work with a team of amazing independent stores across... Read more
Why we decided to make shopping trollies cool
Our shopping trolley fell to pieces… and it gave us an idea… My husband, Rich, and I bought a cheap Granny trolley from the market a few years ago, we loved it. It fell to pieces pretty quickly. We were gutted. We thought about buying another one, but we had... Read more


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