Meet our shopping trollies with a conscience.

Our trollies are made by hand, not robots, in our studio, right here in Leeds. Every
element is ethically sourced,
from the steel frame and rubber wheels to the
biodegradable bubble wrap used to protect our parcels. Quality and conscious
consumption are considered, every step of the way.
Looks cool. Is is art?
Kind of, yeah. Rad Union teams up with creatives, up-and-coming artists and all-
round good folk to design the bags for our trollies. Each design is a limited edition
so grab your favourite whilst you can.  
One off, just like you
Each trolley is fully customisable; just choose a bag, frame colour, wheel colour
and you’re good to go with a trolley as unique as your personality. Fancy a new
look later on? That’s cool. Our bags are interchangeable, so check out our latest
collab and fasten on a new bag for the new season.
Less faffin’, more shoppin’
Our trollies feature
nifty hooks, so they can be clipped onto a
shopping trolley and
pushed round with ease, before being loaded up at the checkout. Super strong
wheels glide you home with the grace of a skateboard and its retro frame is
lightweight and can be folded up once unloaded, so storage isn’t a problem either.
Each trolley holds up to 35 litres and 20kg in weight.
Watch ‘em stare
Shopping local, picnicking at the park, day at the beach....whatever weight you’re
moving, move it the Rad way.