Dress like an acid house mum

We’ve got plenty to smile about! Say ‘hey’ to our brand new collab with style queen, Dress Like a Mum.

Dress like a mum

This limited edition trolley features a pink bag covered in red polka dots and blue acid house smiley faces (‘cos it’s still cool to be a raver.) It’s available with a stylish black or royal blue frame, with pink wheels. It’s emblazoned with a small but perfectly formed DLAM logo, on a badge crafted by Hand and Lock, embroiders to the Royal Family and Savile Row tailors.

Trolley Details

Trolley Details Trolley Details Trolley Details

Meet The Collaborator

Dress Like a Mum is the alter ego of super stylish, Brighton-based mum-of-three, Zoe De Pass. She’s brought bold colours and even bolder poses to the ‘gram since 2015, inspiring women not to forget themselves and shouting her motto from the rooftops ‘if you like it, wear it.’ She fell in love with her RAD Union trolley this summer, piling it high with picnic gear and local produce. The rest, as they say, is history. 

RAD Union champions artistic expression. Dress Like a Mum champions individual style. Zoe De Pass, you are the gin to our tonic.

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Trolley Details


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