Throwing Shapes and Mono Magic: Unlimited x Rad Union



Throwing Shapes

Bright, bold and Brighton-born, Throwing Shapes features a white bag,
geometrics and an explosion of primary colour. A collaboration with independent
design store and gallery, Unlimited, this limited edition bag is as individual as its
home town. Throwing Shapes is available with red or blue frame and green, blue
or black wheels.
Geometry has never been so cool.

Mono Magic

Mono Magic is a black and white version of its colourful counterpart and comes
to life with one of Rad Union’s fluorescent frames. Go on, we dare you!
Both bags feature the Unlimited logo on one of our hand embroidered badges
from Hand and Lock.

Soft Rave: Jenny Beard x Rad Union



Soft Rave

Team Rad first came across Jenny Beard’s unique style of art during a meeting in
a bar where one of Jenny’s pieces was displayed. One of us came home with the
piece (don’t worry, it was for sale) and the rest, as they say, was history. Soft
Rave is a coral bag featuring blue, yellow and black brush strokes. It’s fully
customisable but really pops with blue wheels and yellow frame. Jenny’s logo
features on one of our hand embroidered badges from Hand and Lock.
It really is art on wheels.

Smiling is contagious: Dress Like a Mum x Rad Union





Smiling Is Contagious

Say cheese! Smiling is contagious is our second collaboration with style queen,
Dress Like a Mum, designed in partnership with the Violet Eclectic. Keeping the
acid house face theme from Zoe’s first bag, Smiling is Contagious is a pink bag
with purple polka dots and Zoe’s acid house face design. This bag also features
our bespoke Hand and Lock name badges. Style Zoe’s bag with black frame and
purple wheels.

Dress Like An Acid House Mum

This limited edition trolley features a pink bag covered in red polka dots and blue acid house smiley faces (‘cos it’s still cool to be a raver.) It’s available with a stylish black or royal blue frame, with pink wheels. It’s emblazoned with a small but perfectly formed DLAM logo, on a badge crafted by Hand and Lock, embroiders to the Royal Family and Savile Row tailors.




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